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Set of fertilizer preparations 502-507

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    1x yarrow preparation 502
    1x Chamomile preparation 503
    1x nettle preparation 504
    1x oak bark preparation 505
    1x dandelion preparation 506
    1x Baldrianpräparat 507


    What are biodynamic compost preparations?

    The biodynamic compost preparations (also fertilizer preparations) 502 - 507 are natural resources that promote the growth and quality of the plants. They are called compost preparations because they are added to the compost or manure in order to "vaccinate" it and develop its effect in it.

    Specifically, these are preparations made from yarrow (502), chamomile (503), nettle (504), oak bark (505), dandelion (506) and valerian (507). These preparation plants are buried in the ground for at least half a year in organic or, more recently, also vegetable coverings (vegetable preparations according to Maria Thun) and prepared in this way.

    Biodynamic preparations are at the heart of Demeter farming. Their application is a prerequisite for Demeter certification.

    How do the biodynamic compost preparations work?


    The biodynamic compost preparations are added to the fertilizer, i.e. manure or compost, in very small quantities. From here they unfold their effect on the entire compost or manure heap. The conversion processes in the organic fertilizers are stimulated by the preparations. The stronger revitalization of the soil by prepared fertilizer can be measured by some characteristics, e.g. increase in the humus content or enzyme activities as well as more intensive root growth. Examples of better product quality thanks to the preparations are lower storage losses, reduced nitrate levels and higher sugar and vitamin levels. 

    The active principle of the preparations consists in stimulating harmonizing life processes. There is no direct nutrient effect from the preparations. The preparations thus serve the self-regulation of biological systems.

    How are the biodynamic compost preparations used?

    The compost preparations 502-507 are applied as a whole set. To inoculate the compost or manure heap, we proceed as follows:


    1. Shape preparation balls

    So that the little specimen doesn't get blown away, we embed all solid specimens (i.e. 502-506) individually in a specimen ball.

    To do this, we take a handful of ripe compost or good garden soil and form a small ball. In this ball we press a depression in the middle, in which we put a pinch (maximum a thimble full) of the individual preparations and close the ball again.


    2. Embed the preparation balls in the compost

    Depending on how far away the compost or manure heap is, we put the balls either in the compost or manure heap that is still to be built, so that they are later in the middle of the heap. Or we drill a hole with a stick and put the balls in. Then we close the holes again.

    Arrangement of the preparations

    The specimens should be placed in a specific arrangement, like the 5 of a dice.

    Nettle (504) always goes in the middle. On the outside, yarrow 502, oak bark 505, dandelion 506 and chamomile 503 are arranged clockwise from the top left.

    3. Finish with Valerian 507 We now take about 1 drop of the liquid Valerian preparation 507 per liter and dynamize it for 10-20 minutes in a wooden or earthenware pot or enamel bucket filled with lukewarm groundwater or rainwater. We pour the dynamized valerian preparation over the compost with a watering can. Then we sprinkle another wafer-thin layer Coconut phases over the compost to protect the preparations.

    Valerian single application against frost

    The valerian preparation 507 serves as a warm cover in the compost heap and thus encloses the other preparations.

    These warming properties can also be used directly in autumn, winter and spring to protect plants from frost. To do this, we dynamize the preparation as described above. Then we spray it directly on the ground or on the plants. 

    To protect fruit tree blossoms from frost and to mitigate frost damage, we carefully spray small amounts of the dynamized preparation 507 directly onto the blossoms. This can be repeated daily if necessary.

    How are the biodynamic compost preparations stored?

    In order to prevent the effect of the preparation from evaporating, the preparations should be stored correctly. Coconut fibers protect the preparations from negative external influences, such as mobile phone radiation or electromagnetic radiation, but also from losing their effectiveness. So we store the preparations individually shielded in coconut fibers. Coconut fiber can be used here, but coconut mats have also proven very effective.
    We either wrap the containers in which we store the preparations in coconut mats, or we place the containers in a wooden box that we have filled with coconut fibers. To cover the top, we fill a pillow with coconut fibers and place it over the vessels. The preparations are protected all around with coconut fibre.
    When storing larger quantities of Valerian 507, it is recommended to pour some cooking oil into the bottle after receipt and not to close the cap completely. The oil acts as a membrane that allows gases to escape but not penetrate. Glass or earthenware vessels are best suited as vessels. After shipping, the preparations should be removed from the packaging immediately. We always send our preparations earth-moist.