Our team

We are Hannah, Simon, Benedikt, Thomas, Teresa, Jan, Ingeborg, Dina and many more.

Some of us are, to a certain extent, foster children of the Demeter pioneer and biodynamic mastermind Wedig von Bonin. He in turn was a close confidant of Maria Thun.
We either grew up on Wedig's Demeter farm in Eichwerder on the Baltic Sea or lived on it for many years and were closely connected to it.
We all operate the preparation box as a collective. In addition to our actual jobs and projects, we invest our time unsalaried or in sideline in the Preparation box.
Here are the short portraits of all of us. 


Hannah has a degree in agriculture. She worked for Wedig for many years and ran the farm when Wedig wasn't there. She learned preparation making from Wedig and already a long time ago she made preparations for Wedig's Preparation box. Hannah has made herself irreplaceable on many Demeter farms in the Republic and now we are fortunate to be able to call her one of our preparation masters. Hannah makes preparations, advises us and provides us and our customers with valuable ideas and useful information, which she regularly publishes in our preparation letter.
Hannah and her family have just fulfilled their dream of owning their own farm, which they are now converting to Demeter. 


Simon is now the veteran of the preparation box. Simon grew up on Wedig's farm and a few years ago took the initiative with Wedig to let the preparation work at Eichwerder farm grow and to manage The preparation box as an independent project. After a few years of absence, he took over the company from Wedig's widow Gunvor in 2017 and realigned it. He is full of ideas and drive for the future and takes care of the strategic direction.
His main occupation is as a lecturer for Strategic Innovation and Sustainable Entrepreneurship at various universities and, with the sister initiative "New Agrarian Culture" (, he also advises farms and companies in times of change, for example in the regenerative transformation.


Benedikt is Simon's big brother, did his agricultural apprenticeship at Wedig's Eichwerder farm and made himself irreplaceable on various farms. At the preparation box, he is responsible for the warehouse and all of the logistics and is effectively the boss at the Ostholstein site, he controls the quality and optimizes storage.
In addition to the preparation box, he works for an organic shop in Ostholstein, where he looks after the customers and the markets.



Thomas has a degree in agriculture and forestry. He is also married to our preparation master Hannah. Hannah and Thomas realize their exciting dream of a young Demeter family business and support us regularly with their almost inexhaustible knowledge. This knowledge is directly linked to their hands. Hannah's and Thomas' ideas are usually implemented immediately. We are very grateful to be able to work with these two pragmatic, clever and capable people. Hannah's and Thomas' farm can be found here:


Teresa is an all-round talent. She studies agriculture with a biodynamic focus, is a dancer, yoga teacher and deals intensively with new cultivation methods, permaculture, regenerative agriculture and climate farming. She has a delightful garden and tells us her stories from it in the preparation letter. Teresa researches for us, writes for us, thinks for us.


Jan is our digital busy bee. Although he is a Waldorf student, he understands our digital infrastructure, the logistics, the automation, the shop and the newsletter. He tackles things, points out grievances and is a great help to us.


It is not difficult to see that we are a team that enthusiastically takes up and continues ideas that a very special person has lived. A team brought together and shaped by an equally special place. Since this place is now unfortunately no longer allowed to exist, the ideas are carried on in the minds of many and are further developed through our joint project The preparation box. This brings people together, inspires and gives inspiration. And who knows, maybe one day we will create a physical place that is equal to the old Eichwerder farm and where we can continue to build on the ideal foundations of our mastermind. In any case, ideas, courage and knowledge are there.