Jobs and partnerships

Please send us an unsolicited application for collaborations, partnerships or to get involved.

We are always looking for:

Demeter experts or consultants

Admittedly, we can't do everything on our own and we don't know everything either. Customers, supporters, companions often have many important questions that we cannot answer in a nutshell.
That's why we would like to have support from a Demeter consultant in close cooperation.

If you are already active in the biodynamic world, if you are in charge of Demeter farms, if you are familiar with the preparations, if you do conversion consulting or if you are otherwise active in the Demeter scene and if you are interested in a benevolent, mutual support, please feel free to contact us.

Tasks for which we urgently need support:

  • Answering complex customer inquiries via email
  • Telephone consultation
  • Visiting farms
  • Help with the transition to biodynamic agriculture

What we can offer you:

We are a diverse team that behaves more like a dynamic network than a classic company. However, we now have a high level of awareness with the preparation box and a very satisfied customer base.

We want to carry on the biodynamic idea, but also develop it further. And we want our work to make it easier for people to get started with biodynamic work.

We would like to share all of this with you. We can imagine cooperation on different levels. Employed or free. Most of the members of the preparation box are self-employed in their commitment to The Preparation Box. We share the proceeds of the sub-projects fairly and honestly. Nobody misses out!

In addition, everyone can expand their network via The Preparation Box and benefit from the many expertises in the team. We have a very wide reach and have always managed to lead our fellow campaigners' own initiatives to fame and success.

Just like in the associative economy, brotherhood applies to us instead of competition.

Get in touch if this way of working is something you can imagine.
Also get in touch if you have other ideas or suggestions for a collaboration.

We look forward to hearing from you!



Word acrobats for our preparation letter

We always need new texts, thoughts and exciting, inspiring content for our preparation letter. Our preparation letter is the link between us and the many people who are interested in biodynamic farming. Never advertising, always informing, helping and supporting. For this we need someone who likes to delve into topics or tell lively stories from practice or other parts of the biodynamic world.
We welcome everyone who would like to make a contribution. It doesn't matter whether it's regular or one-off. The diversity makes it beautiful.


Should enjoy the written word, be interested in new things and ideally have an affinity for ecological/biodynamic topics or be part of a biodynamic initiative. If you recognize the stories in this and like to write them down, then we're interested.
If you can also move confidently in the digital world and work independently, then we would also know other great things that we can do together.


We offer you a highly flexible and mobile workplace. Work when you want, where you want, how often you want. We pay fairly.

You can get to know agile structures with us and work with a great, motivated, young and colorful team anywhere in Germany. We are an idea-driven initiative with a lot of idealism and offer enough space for new ideas and your own initiatives. 

The cooperation can be freelance or permanent, full-time or part-time. We will definitely find a way that makes everyone happy.

Ask us what's on your mind. We look forward to getting to know you informally!


Active support in accounting

The "preparation box" project is growing and thriving.

We hardly manage to cope with the upcoming administrative tasks.

If you have experience in accounting and would like to work for us flexibly in terms of time and location on a freelance basis or in a mini-job, be sure to get in touch!

We look forward to your message!



We cooperate and collaborate. We haven't been doing everything alone for a long time. There are now a large number of experts who work with us and increase their reach through us. In the meantime, we have grown into one of the most far-reaching sites on the Internet on the subject of biodynamic agriculture. Thousands of interested people read our preparation letter. We now want to fill this with more relevance and increase the quality.

If you have a product or service that would fit well on our platform: get in touch!

We think of the preparation box as an ecosystem where everyone can make their contribution.

For example, what would be great:

  • carpentry services such as building stirring towers
  • preparation services for example for spreading with the preparation mobile
  • books – if you have written a book, offer it on our platform.
  • barrels - we are happy to offer your mixing barrels or barrels that have been converted into mixing barrels
  • boxes – are you a carpenter? You can make preparation boxes for us or would you like to offer yours to a large target group? Then don't hesitate to contact us!
  • spraying equipment – if you have developed a syringe, you can offer and present it through us.
  • preparations – you make high-quality preparations yourself and would like to offer them? You are welcome to do that through us!
  • cases – do you have access to specimen cases for crafting? We know the companies that need them
  • raw materials – do you have valerian flowers? Field horsetail? Oak bark etc. in good quality? Not only do we need large quantities of it, but also our customers.
  • Other products – that suit the biodynamic farming system. What else could be missing? Demeter seed? teas? Something completely different? Maybe you have an idea, then let me know!

Do you have any other ideas? Then sign up!