Horn silica preparation 501

The horn silica preparation 501


What is Horn Silica Preparation 501?

Like the 500 horn manure preparation, the horn silica preparation 501 is a biodynamic field spray preparation.


The horn silica preparation 501 is given during the growth of the plants. It keeps plants healthy and results in higher yields with better quality.


How does the horn silica preparation 501 work?

The horn silica preparation 501


- promotes and regulates the metabolism of plants

- promotes resistance to pests

- strengthens growth and resilience of the plant

- ensures an even ripening quality

- strengthens the aroma and improves shelf life


How is the horn silica preparation 501 used?

As a field spray preparation, horn silica preparation 501 is made dynamic for one hour before use, i.e. stirred in water.



4g per hectare in 25 - 35 liters of water.


How is it stirred?

Put the preparation in a cylindrical wooden or earthenware pot filled with (rain) water - metal is also fine (we would advise against plastic). Depending on the size of your area, use approximately the amount of water that your sprayer can hold. The finer this can be dusted, the more area you can work on. For smaller areas it is advisable to add a little more preparation to the water. 

When stirring, make sure that you do it for 60 minutes and do not interrupt in between. Take a wooden stick and stir in one direction fairly quickly until a deep funnel (stirring crater) forms. Then stop and reverse the stirring direction so that it bubbles properly. Do this for the entire 60 minutes. After a while it gets a bit tiring, but there is also something meditative about it.


How is the horn silica preparation 501 applied?

The ready-stirred horn silica preparation can be sprayed onto the plants (i.e. flower, leaf and fruit areas) in large drops or as a mist.

A broom, for example, with which the preparation is sprayed, is suitable for spreading horn silica on small areas.

In order to be able to apply the preparation more efficiently or for large areas in a garden center or in agriculture, we recommend one of ours preparation syringes.


When is the ideal application time of the year?

The horn silica preparation 500 is applied at the earliest when the flowers or fruit form. So when the first plants have developed.

In the case of cereals, spraying is carried out at the beginning of tillering and bolting.

Depending on the growth, winter cereals can be sprayed once in autumn.

Forage plants are treated when the stand is about 10 cm high.


When is the ideal application time of the day?

The horn silica preparation is injected in the morning after sunrise. In the morning it supports the vegetative development of the plants, while in the afternoon it supports the ripening process.

How is the 501 horn silica preparation stored?

Horn silica is stored dry and especially bright, preferably in a sunny place (such as a window) in a jar.  A place with morning sun is very suitable.

What are the differences between horn silica, horn manure and pats preparations?

The horn silica preparation 501 is aimed at the aerial part of the plant.

Horn manure preparation 500 is aimed at the underground part of the plant.

The pats preparation according to Maria Thun is aimed at the soil.


Horn manure and pats preparations must never be applied together.