Field horsetail preparation 508

What is field horsetail preparation 508?

The field horsetail preparation 508 is somewhat considered the "forgotten preparation". In his Agricultural course R. Steiner increasingly refers to the silica-rich field horsetail and its special effect.

Field horsetail 508 is an easy to make compound that treats soil like plants. It protects against competition from weeds and pests. It also protects against rot, mildew and fungal attack.

How does the field horsetail preparation 508 work?

In contrast to the horn silica, the field horsetail acts downwards, i.e. into the earth. Here it has an ordering and harmonizing effect on plant growth. This means that it helps to put weeds in their place. R. Steiner recommends it against fungal diseases but also to increase the quality of potatoes, for example.

How is the field horsetail preparation 508 used?

We add 50g of the dried field horsetail to 1-5 liters of rainwater.

Everything is boiled up and left to simmer for about 30 minutes. Then we leave it covered until the next day (about 12 hours or more). The concentrate is now passed through a fine sieve


How is it stirred?

The concentrate is diluted to about 1:40 with rainwater and dynamized for 20 minutes.


Put the preparation in a cylindrical wooden or earthenware pot filled with (rain) water - metal is also fine (we would advise against plastic). Depending on the size of your area, use approximately the amount of water that your sprayer can hold. The finer this can be dusted, the more area you can work on. For smaller areas it is advisable to add a little more preparation to the water. 

When stirring, make sure that you do it for 20 minutes and do not interrupt in between. Take a wooden stick and stir in one direction fairly quickly until a deep funnel (stirring crater) forms. Then stop and reverse the stirring direction so that it bubbles properly. Do this for the entire 20 minutes. After a while it gets a bit tiring, but there is also something meditative about it.


How is the field horsetail preparation 508 applied?

We sieve the dynamized preparation into a preparation syringe and spray it onto the plants and soil with a fine nozzle.


When is the ideal application time of the year?

Field horsetail is given in the winter months. Short thaw periods are particularly suitable. Field horsetail can also be sprayed directly onto the snow.


For which plants is the field horsetail preparation particularly suitable?

In principle, horsetail can be applied to all crops and soils. It is particularly effective in horticulture on zucchini, cucumber, potato, tomato and strawberry soils. Also on berry bushes and vines, as well as on fruit trees. In the case of vines and berry bushes, it is sprayed directly onto the branches over a large area. In orchards on trunk and roots. Field horsetail preparation can also be added to the tree paste.

How is the field horsetail preparation 508 stored?

The field horsetail can be stored like tea in cloth bags or in a paper bag. To avoid mold, it should be stored dry.