Tree paste according to Maria Thun

The tree paste according to Maria Thun

In his agricultural course, Rudolf Steiner regards the plant as an "inverted human being" and compares the root system with the human head, nervous and sensory system. He relates the parts of the plant above ground to the human metabolism. Therefore, we should care for tree trunks and vines as well as the soil that surrounds the roots of the plant. 


What is the tree paste according to Maria Thun?

The tree paste according to Maria Thun initially consists of equal parts of cattle pats and clay, which are mixed with whey. 

Trees are not fertilized via the soil humus, as is the case with herbaceous plants, but via the bark. Under the bark is the cambium, where the fruit wood drives its sinkers and thus fetches the nutrients and nourishing forces for fruit formation.

In order to strengthen the cambium through the bark, Maria Thun developed the tree paste.

How does the tree paste work according to Maria Thun?

After three times of application, rejuvenation can be achieved in the cambium formation. In the root area, you take care of the development of the soil organisms with mature compost, but not with heavy fertilizer applications. This applies not only to forest trees, but especially to fruit trees and shrubs. 


When is the tree paste according to Maria Thun used?

Tree paste can be applied several times between fall and spring. In autumn, when the leaves have fallen, to strengthen the trunk and branches. After the cut, to seal cuts and thus protect against possible diseases. In spring, before sprouting, to protect the plants from fungal attack, which is favored by the rise in temperature.

How is the tree paste according to Maria Thun used?

We can dilute the tree paste with rainwater, whey, or horsetail preparation so that it can be easily spread with a brush or tassel. The bark is first brushed off. Then the tree paste is spread over the entire trunk with a brush like distemper. You can also spray the thinner branches with tree paste. To do this, it is diluted with water and filtered well so that it can be sprayed.

How is the tree paste stored after Maria Thun?

The tree paste should be transferred to an earthenware jar and stored in a dark, cool place. It's okay if there's some mold on top. You can roughly skim it off before the next use and dilute the tree paste with a sufficiently dynamized field horsetail preparation.


For the cold winter days it is also recommended to add dynamized valerian preparation.