Horn manure preparation 500

The horn manure preparation 500


What is horn manure preparation 500?

Horn manure preparation 500 is - like horn silica preparation 501 - a biodynamic field spray preparation.


Horn manure is the basis for organic plant growth because it creates a more intimate connection between soil and plant - the plant finds its way around the soil better. The intimate connection between soil and plant is necessary for sustainable and healthy plant growth. This promotes the uptake of nutrients via the roots. The formation of new roots is strengthened.


How does Horn Manure Preparation 500 work?

The horn manure preparation 500


- promotes root growth

- activates the floor's own life

- supports nutrient and water absorption

- promotes the formation of nitrogen in the nodule bacteria

How is Horn Manure Preparation 500 used?

As a field spray preparation, the horn manure preparation 500 is made dynamic for one hour before use, i.e. stirred in water.



100g per hectare in 25 - 35 liters of water


How is the preparation stirred?

Put the preparation in a cylindrical wooden or earthenware pot filled with (rain) water - metal is also fine (we would advise against plastic). Depending on the size of your area, use approximately the amount of water that your sprayer can hold. The finer this can be dusted, the more area you can work on. For smaller areas it is advisable to add a little more preparation to the water. 

When stirring, make sure that you fill the 60 minutes and do not interrupt in between. Take a wooden stick and stir in one direction fairly quickly until a deep funnel (stirring crater) forms. Then stop and reverse the stirring direction so that it bubbles properly. Do this for the entire 60 minutes. After a while it gets a bit tiring, but there is also something meditative about it.


How is Horn Manure Preparation 500 applied?

The ready-stirred horn manure preparation can simply be sprayed directly onto the ground in large drops.

On small areas, for example, a broom can be used for the application of horn manure, with which the preparation is sprayed.

In order to be able to apply the preparation more efficiently or for large areas in a garden center or in agriculture, we recommend one of ours preparation syringes.


When is the ideal application time of the year?

Horn manure preparation 500 is ideally applied for tillage, i.e. before or during the preparation of the seedbed in spring and autumn.

Winter cereals can be sprayed in spring from the start of the growing season.

Grassland is sprayed before growth begins in the spring and immediately after each mowing.


When is the ideal application time?

Horn manure preparation 500 is applied in the afternoon into the evening. It is advisable to choose cloudy or slightly rainy days here.

How is Horn Manure Preparation 500 stored?

Horn manure preparation 500 should be stored cool and frost-free in an earthenware pot. Wooden or glass containers are also suitable.

The vessel should be embedded in coconut fiber (alternatively peat) all around.
Our preparation boxes are also ideal for storing the preparations.