About us

About us

As a collective, we are committed to making biodynamic preparations available holistically!

  • We promote Demeter cultivation on a large and small scale.
  • We manufacture preparations ourselves and deliver them in large quantities in the event of bottlenecks.
  • We offer help with application and production and provide support with accessories, literature, raw materials and regular tips and tricks in our preparation letter.

We are the successors of Wedig von Bonin, Hof Eichwerder.

A young team of motivated doers, thinkers and visionaries. Equipped with a lot of knowledge in biodynamic agriculture, new thinking and a large network of experts of all stripes.

Some of us lived with Wedig on Hof Eichwerder for many years and were able to learn directly from him how biodynamic agriculture works and, above all, what a good preparation is.

Others have a lot of experience in combining the new with the old, breaking new ground and showing a pioneering spirit. For sustainability issues, environmental education and product development.

Together we are The Preparation Box and in May 2017 we took on the task of continuing Wedig's work.

Wedig's work? Wedig was one of the greatest connoisseurs of preparations. He also wanted to give those people access to the biodynamic preparations who were not blessed with their own Demeter farm. He wanted to make it easier for biodynamic winemakers to do their jobs. He didn't want people who grew their own Demeter vegetables in the home garden or on the balcony to fail because of the lack of access to the preparations.

He wanted to offer all his knowledge and experience to all those who have a Demeter farm and help them make the preparations themselves.

That is why he founded "The Preparation Box" and led it into today. And we are now taking it further - into tomorrow.

How we can help you

With biodynamic preparations

Of course we offer you our beautiful biodynamic preparations. If you don't have the means to make them yourself, your own preparations didn't work out, or your supplies may have run out, we're available.

Where do our preparations come from?

So far, our preparations have all been made at the Demeter farm in Eichwerder in Schleswig-Holstein. Unfortunately, it no longer exists in the old form.

However, Wedig instructed us in the fine art of preparation work - they have been making for Wedig for many years and are now continuing to do so for them The Preparation Box. Our future preparations will now be made at various biodynamic farms across the country. We would like to introduce these companies to you in the future.


With support for self-production

It is in our interest that you can easily make your own preparations. The effort to obtain all the ingredients, cases, etc. is great. That's why we want to relieve you of this work as much as possible and save you time so that you can concentrate on the production.

In the future, you can also pre-order preparations from us, which we will then produce for you, or one of our preparation masters will come to your company and do the work for you.


With knowledge and advice

We are currently building up an extensive knowledge database so that all your questions can be answered quickly.

In addition, in the future there will again be courses on the production and use of the preparations, as well as advice on conversion and other advice on everything to do with a Demeter farm, which is done in close cooperation with various Demeter initiatives. Our preparation master Hannah and her husband Thomas are currently developing a wide range of advice for agriculture and forestry. Together we have a well-founded wealth of knowledge in (biodynamic) agriculture, forestry, economics, business start-up and management, business model development, marketing, pedagogy and the business management of Demeter farms.

We are developing various formats through which we will make our knowledge available. In seminars, workshops and online.

Here you can get an impression of what we are preparing at the moment.


With accessories

The demand for the right accessories is high. Therefore, together with our cooperation partners, we are building up an extensive range of accessories on the subject of biodynamic preparations. From our beautiful preparation boxes, to storage utensils, to preparation syringes and stirring barrels. Both for agriculture and for domestic use.

Click here for our range of accessories

Where we sit and how we work

Hof Eichwerder, the old home of The Preparation Box, no longer exists in the form that Wedig coined. That's why we have The Preparation Box taken to a new level.

We see the biodynamic world as a large, networked nervous system, the nodes of which are the biodynamic farms and businesses. We see ourselves as one of these hubs and are networked with various farms and Demeter companies throughout Europe.

Our headquarters and warehouse are rural in Schleswig-Holstein on the Baltic Sea. But we also have one foot in Berlin. At the pulse of new developments and ideas. There, where courageous people devise and test many new concepts for sustainable agriculture, nutrition, food production, urban gardening, regenerative agriculture, etc., where wonderful interfaces between producers and consumers, between country and city are created, we move a lot and breathe the air of the future. And we have aligned our sensors far in all directions in order to develop The Preparation Box further innovative and future-oriented, ecologically capable and public welfare-oriented in the future.

We aspire to the path of climate positivity by protecting forests, planting trees, reducing plastic to a minimum, reviewing our supply chains holistically. 

Our production is widely distributed across the country. As mentioned above, our preparations are manufactured on various biodynamic farms, stored, packaged and shipped in the best possible way.

Our main camp is close to a Demeter farm in Schleswig-Holstein, where we also manufacture. Everything is stored there centrally and appropriately for the preparation and is regularly packed and shipped.